Artist Statement

“Róisín Gallagher is a student at the Edinburgh College of Art and a recent graduate of the University of Stirling whose work explores found objects and their connection to their previous owners.

The artist is drawn to this area of work due to their fascination with graffiti, litter and abandoned objects and the stories they tell of those that left them behind. Gallagher’s most recent projects have focused on the collection and documentation of the range of different objects found in different areas and explores how they represent ourselves and the marks we leave behind; this method of work offers an interesting reflection of the residents of the investigation sites.  The main goal of these projects is to portray these objects, which the artist refers to as artefacts, as evidence of human activity.

Artefacts are often discussed in the context of the past and are described as being a way of bringing us face-to-face with an ancient civilisation or culture; the intention of this work is to bring the viewer face-to-face with the people that exist now. The objects displayed in museums are often the most mundane and ordinary types of objects as they are a reflection of the everyday life of historic or foreign cultures. This work uses these same regular types of objects and portrays them as evidence of who we are today.

Gallagher is heavily inspired by museum and entomology exhibits and the work of artist Mark Dion.”


Please take a look at my blog to keep updated with my artistic journey, or look around my previous work, projects and exhibitions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at roising7@hotmail.co.uk.


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