Week off (Hooray) and The Cold (Boo)

Week 22

So before the week started, I had plans of doing a lot of work on transformation and my pathways stuff, and then on the first Saturday I got the cold and was floored the entire week. Soooo my hopes of getting more stuff done, and then getting a good start on my Pathways Project were shattered on the first day.

I managed to make a time plan for my pathways project and set out what I was going to do in my sketchbook.
For transformation I organised my printing stuff and glued them into my sketchbook, and then using the illustrations from last week, I used the free software I have at home which is an equivalent to photoshop (GIMP – GNU manipulation programme   http://www.gimp.org/ )  and did some similar stuff to what we did in our Friday lesson.

And that was all I was able to do this week, besides watching TV and feeling sorry for myself, so hopefully next week will be more productive 🙂

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