Paintings and presentation.


At first we learned about gridding up photographs, so that we were able to scale them up proportionally to paint. After this I went back to painting on the canvases I made. The majority of my time  I spent working on a painting  of a fly. 
I’ve also started to work on my presentation, I would have probably started it earlier if I had realised that it was next Friday, but it is a “practise” presentation  and the graded presentation will be next week. 
I’m doing my presentation and probably my essay on if Hitler hated modern art and his exhibition on “degenerate art”. I found that writing out drafts of what I’m going to say first and then seeing what I say in twenty seconds (as its in pecha kucha form) and then plan the presentation from there, was the easiest way to do this.

See you next time – Róisín 

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