Paintings (Update 1)

So this is an update on all the paintings that I have done in the painting class for transformation.                                                                                                                                             This was the first painting that I did, This was just to experiment with using bigger brushes than I’m used to and I also used palette knives. the painting is based on a section that was cut from a photograph of an eye.

For the background I blended in red and yellow, making red more prominent at the bottom and yellow more at the top. To clash with these colours I used blue and green for the painting. I tried to create some texture in this painting, and I think I achieved this, especially in the eyelashes, to do this I used the bottom of the paint brush.

The “canvas” I made was made with wood with sand and sugar glued on to give it texture. I painted all of this a dark green, and then went over it with a lighter green to highlight the sand and sugar.
This made it look like mould, and so I painted the plasmodial slime mould.

For the background, I painted it a bright yellow colour, and then lightly brushed a dark green/ blue colour to highlight the wood. I painted this fly and I wanted the legs to stand out, so I painted them white. I don’t really like how this painting turned out.

I didn’t have any blue, so for the background I mixed purple and green, to make a dark blue colour. I wanted a dark colour because I wanted to paint a simplistic painting of a rib cage and mainly use white for this. I used a touch of the colour i used for the background with white for the bones that are more in the background to give the painting more depth.
Out of the paintings that I did, I like this one the best, purely because it is so simplistic.
This painting was based on my study of rotting nectarines. For the mould I dabbed the paint on, as the mould had stared growing from circles. I was more expressive with the more developed mould and tried to flick the paint brush more, to make it appear furry.
For this background I put a few strokes of acrylic and then wet my paintbrush a lot. The water spread the paint more thinly and created a wave like effect. For the painting of the rotting flower, I used smaller brushes, which I am much more used to. I feel that using the smaller brushes enables me to get more detail into the painting and I can create tone much easier. I like the painting, though I’m not sure if it goes with the background or not.
For this painting I tried to use the paint sparingly to highlight the tone and the texture of the wood I used as a base. I like the effect this gave, as I like the distressed, worn look it has, which fits in with my theme.

         That’s all I have for now 😉
              See you soon – Róisín

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