Journey (Update 4)

I have done some research on artists who look at travel, and immigration. Some of these artists were Sylvia de Swaan and her project return:

Ivan Navarro’s installation in Madison Square Park about immigration called “This Land is Your Land”

Aileen Bassis’ work for a project called Immigration


And also John Dilnott, who has some pieces on bird migration, which was a concept that I wanted to look at for this project.‎

I tried to work out the time line of events in my granddad’s life, which is quite hard to figure out, because I’m reling on other people to remember what happened, or what he said happened. so there is a bit of speculation in it. I also mapped out the journey that he made to get to the ferry, the journey the ferry made and then the route he would have taken to get to Falkirk.
Another aspect that I thought about looking at in my book is his senses and emotions whilst he was on the boat. Eg feelings, and smells etc.
I also found some old photographs of my grandad and my family.

The next post I’ll write will be just before i go back to college about the stuff I’ve done over the Easter break, so I’ll see you then-


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