Babies and Progress.

Week 36


In class I had a chance to talk with my lecturer about my ideas for my project, and she was quite happy with what they were, and also gave me the idea of using Celtic designs throughout the work. I also did the image transfers that I had printed off.


So my plan for this week concerning Transformation, was to get everything finished, so I could concentrate on pathways before I went on holiday for the May weekend. (Spoiler – that didn’t happen) I was going to work on this on my Wednesday and Thursday off, and then the weekend, I did get a chance to get a lot done over the weekend, however my sister had a baby on Wednesday, so I was severely distracted over those two days with becoming an auntie.

On the weekend I was able to finally finish off some of my annotation and some sketchbook pages, I then worked on some of my more final pieces. I stretched paper so I could put a watercolour background for one of them, I tried to make the paper look old and decayed, so I used brown watercolours and also added in some ink splashes. When this had dried, I used ink to draw some images of decay, I then added roots to these drawings to show that for life to continue, we need decay, so decay  is feeding of life, and life is feeding on decay. I also had a page in my sketchbook I covered in leaf skeletons for a textured background. I used acrylic to paint a rotting flower over the top.

Contextual studies

Our lecture this week was on writing the essay, which i will hopefully begin soon. I also started to think on my essay proposal, which will be submitted next week.

See you next time-
Róisín -x

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