Last week of everything D:

Week 40

We went over our statement for assessment and my lecturer gave me some tips on how mine could be improved, like adding in some images and references. I don’t have much to do, but it needs to be finished for next week, as I have a hand in for PDP and pathways.


So I started the making of the book, and have to be very precise in the cutting, which I am not used to. I am usually more rough with my work, whereas now I had to be exact, otherwise the pages won’t fit with each other. I also need to catch up on my annotation, which I have left till the last minute again. I have been doing little bits throughout the project, but still not enough.
I just have a couple of more pages to go and a few tidy ups and that will be me done. I can’t wait until everything is done, so I can enjoy my summer and also tidy my room.

Contextual Studies

Our lecturer went over our essays with us individually, and I have more to do than I thought, but I think I should still be okay. I just need to talk a bit more about the degenerate art show as a propaganda tool, rather than the assumption on Hitler’s hatred of art.

Sorry I’ve not had much time to take photographs this week, but I will upload the final book next week.

See you soon (when I’m all finished :D) – Róisín-x



Week 39

Hand in!!! wooh!!
So that’s transformation done and dusted 🙂 I can now concentrate on getting the other subjects done.
1 down 3 to go


We had time to make a statement for assessment for our pathways project, so that we could go over them in class next week to find out how they could be improved.


After last week of working out how I was going make and organise my book, this week I worked on what was actually going into the pages by brainstorming some ideas in my sketchbook.
I also did a few more experiments with salt, ink, and I also did some experiments with collage of maps and added in ink.
Using the photographs I took of the coast, I edited them in photoshop:

I was thinking about using them in the page where I illustrate the physical journey of immigration. I wanted it to seem as if my granddad didn’t know what to expect of Scotland, as he had never been before. So I distorted the images and I think I will cover them in a layer of salt to further distort them.

Contextual Studies

So I got my essay and presentation feedback. I have got a few things to do for my redraft, but nothing too excessive. I did really well on my presentation, I got a 1A 🙂 which I was really surprised by, because I’m usually bad with presentations. So I think in future I need to worry less about them as I can actually do them, I just get really nervous. It’s not even worrying about speaking in front of people, I always worry about the content of my presentation.

See you soon – Róisín-x

Transformation Complete!!

Week 38

So I finally finished my final piece for Transformation:

 For the class in Friday, I used the image of my final piece, and edited it using photoshop:

I also tidied up a few of the pages in my sketchbook, and added in the final piece and the edits I did in photoshop and added in some annotation, finished my statement for assessment, and it is all ready for the hand in. Phew! 🙂
I am quite happy with how my project turned out, although I think I could have done some more experimentation with some of the other workshops that I did. However, I think that the areas that I did experiment with, like image transfer and photoshop for example, turned out really well, and I also enjoyed them and consider using them in other projects. I think was the point of this brief, to try out areas of art that I have never done before, and to make discoveries of my own, which I have done, and really enjoyed doing.


I got some images of Falkirk and Ireland from the relevant time periods to maybe use for my project, however, I think I will stick to just using my own.
I made up a plan on how I am going to do my final piece for this project. This was really complicated, as I was trying to get it into the shape of a Celtic cross, and also incorporate the the overlaps in the story. But I managed it in the end and think that it will turn out quite well. I also made a maquette of how I am going to bind the book.
I also edited some photographs in photoshop.

Contextual Studies

I made a start to my essay and is so far going quite well I am mostly using the information I used for my presentation so I won’t need to do much more research.

See you soon – Róisín-x

Busy busy busy

Week 37

In PDP this week, we looked at the statement for assessment and what we should write in them. In groups of three/four we had to discuss what we thought should go in to each section. Here is the sheets my group presented. 


In pathways this week I was looking at Celtic designs and mythology, since both Scotland and Ireland have a very strong connection to this period. I specifically looked at designs for bulls and cattle, because when my grandad was young he worked on a farm, and was also chased by a bull in this farm.

I was in Berwick at the weekend, and during this I went down to the beach. I took some photographs that I could use for my project, because I was looking at the sea. I also collected some shells trip see if I could also use them. 


Just a couple pages to go in the sketchbook, and apart for the final piece, that should be it all finished. For my main final piece, I wanted to do an acrylic painting on decayed wood. So first of all I used sand paper to scratch some of the wood off, and I also sanded off one of the corners. I then burned some of the wood, I started with the blow torch but it wasn’t strong enough for what I wanted. So I had to set up a small fire in our barbecue to burn the edges.

I then sealed the wood using watered down glue to try and protect the burnt and cracked parts.

I have began my painting for my final piece, which should hopefully be finished by next week.

I also submitted my essay proposal, which is to write an essay on Hitler’s motives for putting on the degenerate art show, and whether this worked.

So this means that I am working on stuff for three deadlines, and since I was on holiday on the weekend, it looks like I have a busy few weeks ahead of me. However, I did manage to take photographs of the coast, which I am thinking about maybe editing them on photoshop, and using them for pathways.

See you next time –
Róisín -x

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