Not much to report this week, as I’m going to do a separate post on the Edinburgh trip.

This week in Creative practice I mostly just did some research ahead of the Edinburgh trip, as it’s hard to much of anything until we’ve actually been. Right now I’m thinking of looking at graffiti and the people who did it. I was thinking of maybe looking at the marks we leave behind, be it deliberate or accidental and also the idea of legacy.

Also I forgot to post the finished product of last weeks video so here it is 🙂 (sorry for the crappy quality, but it was recorded on my phone and I may or may not have got a bit excited about the transitions.)

We then went around different areas of the college recording sound and will put it together with images for next week.

In PDP we looked at coming up with multiple solutions to the one problem, so that we are able to choose the best one that fits. I thought more about what I want to do with my project and have almost written off the theme of religion entirely, mostly because ~I think I will have more fun with it, and won’t waste time doing pointless research, and get on with physical experimentation.

In Contextual Analysis we looked more into the idea of knowledge and power.

So see you soon for the Edinburgh post, expect loads i phoaties 😉

Roisin -x

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