Edinburgh Trip

The bulk of my photos are of graffiti seeing that is what I am planning on to do my work on.

 I also discovered the story of Barry. 

I’m assuming that this was from a stag do or something, but still, poor Barry.

I also took other pictures that weren’t to do with my theme, but got me into the habit of taking pictures and looking for things to take pictures of.

I also went through Mary Kings Close with some other people, because my theme wasn’t fully established yet, and Just to see if I drew any inspiration from anywhere. (No photos, 😦 Sorry )
I also went through Greyfriars Graveyard again just to see if there was anything I hadn’t thought about. (Although most of the pictures I took were of a crow, I may have got a bit trigger happy with the camera)

After this some of us went to TGIFs for something to eat, so in all it was a productive day 😉

I really enjoyed the day out taking photos and it really helped spur my mind on to thinking about my theme. I think the highlight was definitely the story of Barry 🙂

Anyways, until next time –
Róisín -x

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