Go Pro eat your heart out.

Week 4

I think I’m going to start uploading these blog posts on a Tuesday, since that’s sort of like the end of the week for me since with the college days I have Monday and Tuesday off, so it’s kind of like a long weekend. I’m going to try and stick to this routine, as I’m starting to get confused as to when we did stuff in class.

Creative Practise

So Wednesday was our deadline for handing in our PLP’s D: I think mines is okay but I think that I rambled a bit in it but I should find out if it is okay next week :/
In our 3D class we continued on form what we did last week with the clay. I think next week I am going to raise some square shapes in it based on the amount of stickers I took pictures of in Edinburgh. 
This weeks video was based on the theme of dreams, so I decided to make mine entirely first person, and was going to attempt to make it look like one continuous shot which I found out was even harder than I thought. For the first person part, I bolted my old camera to a baseball cap – in other words who needs a go pro?

(Again I’ll need to upload this to youtube. Blogger has a 100Mb limit for video)

This week in printmaking we were doing silk screen prints. this process involves drawing ink onto a silk screen, and then pushing the screen down on to a piece of paper, revealing the image. here are the prints that I made:


This week we were to create another mind map this time based on ourselves and our futures for a task we will complete in next weeks class.

So until next time –


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