The Identity Crisis

Week 6

There seems to have been a lot of talk about our chosen pathway this week, and now I’m in a bit of a crisis. I like installation and also painting and drawing and don’t want to choose between the two just now. I think at this stage, I am more of a 2 dimensional thinker, but I am going to keep installation an open subject. 

Creative Practice

In 3D we doing doing the clay again. I really like working in clay, as it’s kind of therapeutic and I like building up a three dimensional shape. Anyway, one of my classmates has moved onto the next step of the mould, and it looks ammmmmmmmazing. It involves throwing plaster onto the clay, which really is enough to keep me happy. (although probably not the cleaners – they probably already hate the art department anyway) So I can’t wait to get my clay piece finished now 🙂
I also filmed Amy in our next class, I felt kind of awkward at first but I enjoyed it after I got into the swing of things.
I got my ned page all finished up and then began writing “neddy” type things on top like “pure mad mental” to make it look like the page had been graffitied all over.

I thought about my concept a but more, as I wasn’t sure quite where I was taking it, and so I thought about looking at the contrast between the positive and negative marks we leave behind. Positive being things like charities and reviving nature etc and negative being litter, chopping down trees and destruction etc. With destruction in mind I had and idea that I could bleach ink drawings to lift the colour out of them. I did little samples of different media to see the effect bleach had on each of them.

Acrylic –

Charcoal –

Marker Pen –

Ink –

I then did two larger scale tests both backgrounds were made to look like a brick wall, except one was in ink –

 The other in acrylic –

I am going to stick these into my sketchbook and for the background, I squirted poster paint over the two pages and then dried them with a hair dryer.

In class, someone had spare newspapers from Edinburgh, and so I took out the more positive stories and glued them in almost like a scrapbook. I then added some brown ink to give the appearance of age, to show these are long lasting marks that have been left.


Today we were given a task that is mostly to do with finding our pathway. This task involves putting down our art heroes, listing our skills and what skills we would like to develop in the future. This task has made me think more seriously on what my pathway is, and when I was thinking of my art heroes, they were mostly installation artists, with a couple of painters. I have always been slightly confused as to where I want to take my art, but I think this task showed me, that it is definitely one of these two. The task has to be completed for the next class, which is in a fortnight, because of the October break, so I have plenty of time to think about it.

Contextual Studies

First we talked about our homework assignment, which was to colour in the map of the college in a way that showed how we felt about it. I mapped out where I had been and when, and the classrooms I had visited. I then coloured in the outside, bright green for the grass and bright blue for the loch, and then left the inside of the college the grey colour it was already in. The reason for this is I think the majority of the college is made using this sterile grey colour scheme, and I find it very off putting. The outside always seems beautiful, because of where the college is situated, and then the inside seems to take its inspiration from a hospital.
We then spent the rest of the class talking about other stuff that was kind of related to our theme, and I thought this was really fun and interesting. 
Anyway that’s all for now, until next time-

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