Reading Week

So with everything handed in for my practical and PDP work, all that was left to do was to chill and then work on my essay and presentation. 

Last year’s word limit for the essay was a thousand words which was easy to work around with what I was writing it on. This years word limit is three thousand words, and I really struggled to get it to two thousand. I handed it in on Friday, so hopefully my lecturer can point me in the right direction on where to go with that and my presentation. 
I got my grades back on Monday and I passed yaaaay! I had had a lot going on during this brief, so honestly I was just looking for a pass to get it over and done with. I got a 3B, I am kind of disappointed with it, as I felt that I could have gotten better with it. I think a major thing that let me down was not backing up my  pages with enough annotation, as yet again, I left it all to the last minute. 

So I have a plan of action for the next brief this term:
1) Do not move on to the next sketchbook page until I have fully completed the previous on, annotation included. 
2) Make sure that I talk to my lecturers more to make sure my work is going in the right direction. 
3) Stick to my time plan. 
4) Blog more
5) I heard about this thing called the chain, which is a motivation tool. You do a bit of work everyday, even if it’s just a little, as long as you don’t break the chain. I am going to do this with my sketchbook work for college, and I have also started a small sketchbook for some work that I can do at home as well. Last year I kind of found it hard to get motivated sometimes, so hopefully this helps. 

Anyways, we got our brief for the next term which is: “Where have we been, what are we, where are we going?”
After a chat with our lecturer just before the break, we found out that this could be in general, Or we could make it more personal. I’m thinking of going downthe personal route and look at my Catholic background, which I have abandoned in my adulthood. The only thing with this is I don’t know what to do with the “where am I going?” bit, but I can talk to my lecturers about that tomorrow. 

That’s all for now, until next time,
Róisín -x

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