Lots and lots of pictures for this post!!

I was in London form Tuesday to Thursday and had a brilliant time 🙂 I was nackered after I came back, so didn’t get much art stuff done, but that was to be expected. So here’s what I got up to in London. 😉 (apologies for the fact that the bulk of my photos are from the making of Harry Potter studios, but I don’t care – it’s Harry Potter and I was very excited)

See you next time (when I actually talk about work rather than Harry Potter 😉 )



So it’s been another week off for me, and I’m trying to get a lot of stuff done before I set off for London next week. 🙂
This is gonna just be a short one folks, as it’s mostly just research, and between work and getting ready for London, I haven’t had much time for college work sadly 😦

For my integrated project I looked out some old photographs from some of my sacraments and other family members sacraments.

For protest I looked at some anti war songs and art

So hopefully next week I shall update you on my (probably very many) photographs from my London trip.

See you next time –
Róisín -x

RIP Monty Oum <3

So it not been a very productive couple of days.

On Monday I was catching up on sleep with plans to do stuff later. Then around dinner time, I found out the an animator from rooster teeth – an online community site that does things involving video games – had died. 
It was really strange, as I have been watching rooster teeth content for years and then to find out that one of my favourite members who had been involved in some of that content had died was heartbreaking. Some people may find it a bit weird that I was upset over someone that I didn’t know, but Monty was such a nice guy, who seemed to genuinely care about the rooster teeth fans, and was also a creative genius. I’m not a big fan of anime, but the show that he created RWBY was one of my favourite series to watch. So I was extremely sad over the past couple of days, but know I want to try and help honour his memory, by improving my work ethic and be more positive and creative. From the stories the roosterteeth members told, Monty was one of the most creative and hard working guys they had ever met, and I’m really upset that he’s gone. 


So mainly what I’m doing right now is research for my brief. 

For the who am I brief I did some online research into the Catholic faith, by looking at the rosary and the holy sacraments. I also remembered the calenders that my primary school teachers had up in the classrooms, these were the liturgy calendars and the colours on them corresponded to the colour of the priests robes. So I looked into what these colours meant and printed out the liturgy calender for this year. I am thinking of using these colours as a colour scheme for my sketchbook. 
I also did a small amount of artist research, first looking at some of Peter Howson’s work, as I knew that he paints religious figures and I love his style of work. 
We were told to not just have one idea at the moment, but have a few that we could research, and the whittle it down in a couple of weeks. So I also did some research into the suffragettes, as I thought that I could do this project on the feminist movement, past and present. My research for some ideas and imagery was done through using Pinterest:

Since this is quite early on in the brief I have only done a few sketchbook pages:


Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for you right now,
Until next time,
Róisín -x

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