So mainly what I’m doing right now is research for my brief. 

For the who am I brief I did some online research into the Catholic faith, by looking at the rosary and the holy sacraments. I also remembered the calenders that my primary school teachers had up in the classrooms, these were the liturgy calendars and the colours on them corresponded to the colour of the priests robes. So I looked into what these colours meant and printed out the liturgy calender for this year. I am thinking of using these colours as a colour scheme for my sketchbook. 
I also did a small amount of artist research, first looking at some of Peter Howson’s work, as I knew that he paints religious figures and I love his style of work. 
We were told to not just have one idea at the moment, but have a few that we could research, and the whittle it down in a couple of weeks. So I also did some research into the suffragettes, as I thought that I could do this project on the feminist movement, past and present. My research for some ideas and imagery was done through using Pinterest:

Since this is quite early on in the brief I have only done a few sketchbook pages:


Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for you right now,
Until next time,
Róisín -x

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