Some final ideas

Just a quick update here folks.

So I thought that I would post some of my ideas for final pieces for my projects on here before, I forget about them.

For my integrated project I have two ideas that I am going to investigate. One of them is to create a booklet inspired from the booklets I received when going through the sacraments in primary school
and illustrating my journey of leaving my Catholic faith.

I also thought of making a set of rosary beads, with each decade and bead made to represent a certain part of my life. I was going to make the set unfinished with one decade missing, and leave two separate decades at the side. The two ones at the side I would make to represent where I could go – either me continuing to live without Catholicism or going back to the church.

For my protest brief I was working with the imagery of the crane, and thought about using the crane to represent the innocent lives lost due to war, and designing them to look like certain effects from war, e.g. gun shot wounds, burned etc

So that’s all I’ve got for you just now
Róisín- x

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