Bead making

So the plan of action is on track and I am done with PDP for the hand in. (Except emails suck so I will need to wait until Thursday to see if my stuff is okay -_- le sigh)

For my protest brief I am continuing with the crane making

I am still looking at having them represent the effects of war, and I still need to some research into some of these. I was thinking of looking at the effects of things like gas, and then damaging these parts of the crane. (eg lungs)
For my integrated project I started making some paper beads using a guide I found online. Some of these tests turned out okay, and gave a similar effect that I was looking for. 
ye olde beadmaking kit
The only problem  with these is getting clear images and text into these, and they also do not appear smooth.
I did try out some tube beads, I think these might be a bit better since it gives me a chance to put images and writing on them and they will appear clearer.
Anywho, that’s it for just now,
Róisín -x

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