So I thought that I would do a blog post before I went on my weekend away so that there was something on my blog for this week.

We found out today that next week that we are going to be getting a mid module tutorial so that our lecturers can see where we are. I am kind of glad that I get to have a formal discussion with my lecturer about all my stuff so far, however it does seem to be happening a bit late in the game, what with there only being a month left. :/

Anywho this week I did some sketchbook stuff, so I thought that I would show all my sketchbook pages (except for the first one because I don’t have that with me, but maybe next time 😉  ) :

I was also coming up with some final ideas for my protest work in class and thought about repeating the word “Again” over and over again to give the idea of scale and also show hoe nothing changes when it comes to war or conflict.

I did it twice to see how it looked on white and on other colours. I think the white works best, however i think having the contrasting pages side by side works well. I’m not sure how far I will take this, but I thought it was a cool idea and wanted to get it down into my sketchbook. 
So with being on holiday this weekend, I have a to do list to get through by the Monday I get back, and I will also have some time on the Tuesday to get through some stuff. I seem to be making my way through it, I wanted this done before now, but things kind of got in the way, but I still have time.

So that’s all I’ve got for you now, but I shall talk to you again when I get back and my to do list is done it will be good to have a bit of a relxing break and get some things done, then when I get back, I shall be on to the final pieces aaaahhhhh!

Anyway, until next time
Róisín -x


Pause button please

So when looking at my work rota for next week, I realised I was on holiday, which may seem like a good thing. But that means that next week is the start of May which for some reason I failed to realise and so now the panic is setting in with such vengeance.

So I’m still sticking to my plan of action so far, and I hope to actually get started on my finals in the next few days. So there’s nothing too exciting as I have just been planning out what is actually going on my finals.

This is just a quick update so I can get my stuff gutted completely, I’ll keep you posted on where my stuff s at next week.

Until next time –
Róisín -x

Planning ahead

So like I said last week, the Easter holidays weren’t as productive as I had hoped they would be affter getting some pretty bad news in the first week. So my enthusiasm for my art wok took a bit of a hit but I think I’m more of a positive mood now so I think I can get back on track (hopefully).
 Because of this, and because I had an essay due I haen’t got much practical work done, but I do have some ideas brewing in the back of my head.

 I managed to get my essay done and submitted, I’m a little under the word limit but I think I can manage to get some more done to it for the final submission.

I have also got up a new plan for the rest of the year with a space for each day (btdubbs this terrified me to see just how little time I have left arrrrrghghg) so I am going to try and stick to it and get stuff done ahead of time. Fingers crossed.

So that’s all I’ve got for you right now, but I think I’m in a better place than I have been the past couple of weeks so I think I can manage to get stuff done.

Until next time-
 Róisín -x


So I’ve got through some of the stuff that I wanted to this week, but not all of it. I’ve got a big chunk of my essay out of the way and have managed to get some of my sketchbook work done, and came up with some ideas to develop for my protest work.

It’s not been a great week and I’ve not had much of a chance to do stuff cause I’m kinda going through a rough time with my family right now, and I don’t really want to talk about on here. Hopefully I can manage to keep on top of things while we get through it.

Sorry for the short and wordy update, it’s just been hard to do things at the moment.

see you next time
Róisín -x

Off for Easter

It not been much of a productive week this week because I have the cold – hooorayyy!!!!

I’ve just been continuing on with some bead making and I am trying to plan out my designs for them.

I also looked at some different effects of war, like PTSD and disease and am going to try and apply these to my paper cranes.

And also look how organised I am for the rest of the year – I made up a day planner woop woop.
So I am going to write up all my deadlines and when I hope to complete certain tasks, especially for the Easter holidays where the temptation to procrastinate is oh so high.

That’s all I’ve got for you just now,
Róisín -x

Life Drawing Images

So when we had our life drawing classes, I never got a chance to take photographs of them, so here hey are now – and only a year or so after I did them 😉

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