So I’m continuing on with my mapping idea for my Non-Place project.

My newest idea for this is to layer on sheets of acetate, or tracing paper to show how areas have changed meaning to me/ mean different things to other people.

What I am planning on doing right now is copying out the Carron Dams Reserve map  but with out the information like street names and points of interest etc. and then getting myself, my dad, and my brother to fill out how we feel about these areas. What I am then going to do is trace over these and then layer them over either the original map or the blank one. I am also planning on creating some sort of light box to see how the light travels through each layer revealing each persons notes.

So here’s a list of the pages I have done since my last post.

I have yet to complete a couple of my ideas and therefore need to complete another couple of sketchbook pages as these ideas were sort of abandoned after I thought of this idea. The reason that these have been placed on the back burner is that I think that my map idea will work really well and will communicate what I am trying to say the best.

So see ya next time!


Róisín -x

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