Chapter 2 – The Idea

So I had pretty much decided to go with maps for this and I then got the idea to layer maps on top of each other.
An idea I thought of doing as a way of displaying the layers of maps was making a light box. I drew a quick sketch and looked into what kind of lights that I would be able to get for my light box.

After this I made a small very basic maquette to see how my box would work. This showed me that the maps would work well in box form, but may be better on acetate to help the light travel through them. It also told me that I shouldn’t have the LED light in the middle as this would mean the light would be shining directly into the viewer’s eyes.

After talking with my lecturer I decided to look into how I could make my box interactive somehow, and make the layers be able to be rearranged.

It was after this I then set about making the box, which will be coming up in the next chapter 🙂
byyyyeeeee – 
Róisín -x

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