Update :D

So there’s not much to say here cause it feels like I’ve not been to college in ages.

Over reading week I had the plan to finish up my presentation, complete my mini-portfolio stuff for Edinburgh uni and write my PLP, and in  stunning turn of events I actually stuck to my plan. Horray!! Pop open the champagne and unleash the confetti!

I finished up my presentation pretty early and I quite like how it looks and I now have plenty of time for practise so I’m happy with how that’s worked out.

I submitted my mini-portfolio last night, I mean I’m not all that hopeful that I’ll get in but I did put in effort to the images I submitted so maybe there is some small slim chance, who knows.

And with the PLP I’m sort of happy with how it’s going, this isn’t the final one yet so I think it’ll be a little more refined by the time I need to submit it. I’ll be talking to my mentor soon so I think I’ll be a bit happier after that.

So that’s all I really have for now
Hopefully my next post will be a little more interesting 😛
Róisín -x

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