Research Week!

So seeing as this is the first week there’s not much to report here except that I’m doing some researchy things and doing some mind maps in my sketchbook 😀 So I’m basically keeping on just keeping on right now.

The things that I have researched so far is some stuff on the runistic Irish language of Ogham that my lecturer suggested that I look at, and so far I have found it really interesting and am thinking about adding a bit of this into my work. I’ve also looked into the ways that people try to get noticed online through social media, looking at this I had a thought of editing photos etc to the tips that I have found online, for example apparently lighter pictures on Instagram get the most likes.

So anyway like I said not much to talk about here, but here’s some of the pages in my sketchbook that I’ve finished so far 🙂

So anywayz I’ll see yous all next week with hopefully some more arty stuff this time 🙂 
Róisín -x

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