Inspiration of the Week – Robert Smithson

Robert Smithson is an American artist who works in a range of different areas from earthworks to photography and film. The works that I am the most interested for my projects are his earthworks, specifically his work titled ‘Spiral Jetty’.

This work makes use of the materials that the seashore itself provides, for instance mud, salt crystals, rocks and of course the water itself. 

I do like this work ad what I find interesting is that it can be particularly long lasting, however it will eventually disintegrate because of it’s placement.

These photographs are also themselves interesting as the segregation of the ocean creates different shadows and textures surrounding the spiral.

I am interested in this work for two reasons, for my project I am looking to make my own temporary marks within the natural environment, and also I researched the idea of Narcissus the Greek god and how he fell in love with his reflection in the river, so I am wanting to experiment with the idea of water and shores. 

For my project I plan to look more at rivers rather than the ocean as these are closer and easier to get to within my local area, and I am considering keeping it local so that my marks are more likely to go unnoticed.

NB – all photographs here have been taken from :

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time
Róisín -x

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