More research!!

So this is currently the last week I have planned for research I think I might need to continue on with some research but not quite as intense as I am eager to actually start developing some of my ideas.

Any way my artist research is well on the way to being done, I just need to finish off my annotation which will be done with over and done with soon hopefully as I know exactly what I’m going to say as I’ve already typed out my artists on here.

So here’s what the pages that I’ve done this week for this:

As well as artist research I started reading and highlighting and writing notes in my research file and some of the stuff I’ve looked at is really interesting and I am keen to develop some stuff to do with Ogham as I think that this is quite relevant to my project.

By looking at my notes on social media, I had an idea of taking photos of my face and changing the brightness as my research said that brighter photos get more likes.

Here’s a couple other sketchbook pages that I’ve done:

The plan for the rest of this week is to:

  • Finish off writing notes in my research file
  • Finish of my artist annotation
  • Go on at least one investigatory walk that I’ve wrote about in my sketchbook
  • Perhaps find more research topics to add to my file
  • Do image transfers based on Social media notes
So hopefully I’ll be able to show you those next week 😉
That’s all I’ve got for you right now 
See you next time
Róisín -x

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