Inspiration of the Week – Stuart Brisley

Stuart Brisley  is an installation artist who other works in other areas such as performance art.

The project that I am going to be looking at is his project called “Leaching out at the Intersection”.

Over the course of 30 days, Stuart Brisley selected a bag of rubbish that had be thrown into a waste ground.

He would then rummage through the rubbish whilst analysing and categorising the items that were in the bin bags.

I like the way that the artist has spread out the items within the rubbish across the ground as it almost gives the piece a linear story and makes the audience look a bit deeper into the things that we throw away.

In my work I want to look at the humans and the thoughts and feeling behind the marks we leave behind and I think that this artist hasn’t answered this question but has in fact brought it to the audience’s attention.

NB – all photographs here have been taken from :

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time


Róisín -x

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