Investigatory Walk 2

Investigatory Walk 2
Date: 04/03/2015
Where: Stenhousemuir/Larbert
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins
I had an idea of creating a map with images embedded into it to show where these marks could be found. So the main plan for this walk was to follow a route around my home town taking photographs of any particularly interesting marks I found.
So I started by looking at Google maps to see what kind of route I could follow and decided I wanted to go along the main road close to my home and then circle back through streets. During the walk I took photographs of any marks that I could find or ones that I find particularly different or interesting.
Success of the Trip
Although I did get some photographs, there wasn’t as many interesting marks to find on the main road, presumably because there are more bins and is cleaned more regularly. So I think for illustrative purposes it did work well, but I don’t think that I really got what I was looking for.
Additional Notes

·         Marks are harder to find on main roads or streets, would probably be better to sticking to more closed of areas with so people traffic but not enough for the council or those living there to try and take care of the area.


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