Busy busy

So this week has been pretty hectic and busy and I haven’t had as much time as I had hoped for to go on walks, although I did manage to get three done.

This week my focus has been on display and walks.
With display I looked a bit into how I would present objects in a collection type thing. 
The first walk I did was looking at following a route to have the images embedded into the map, I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for however I still think it went okay.
The second was a walk specifically to look for found objects which I think worked better because I did manage to find so interesting pieces. 

We finished college early one day and so I took this opportunity to walk along the river at the back of the college as there is a public path down there. I think this walk was pretty successful as it was a nice day and so I felt that I got some really good photographs (although I might have got a bit carried away when taking photos of birds). I was also able to find a good range of objects and I even seen a bit of newspaper left in a way that that has given me some ideas for some of my next walks. 

My next plan carrying on from this is to take photographs of these in almost like a catalogue format, I also need to get an Argos catalogue or something for a bit of background research. 
My next one will be dérive inspired where I will write out instructions on where to go based on marks that I would see. 

So that’s all I gots for you this week,
See you next week, 
Róisín -x 

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