Examiner Week!!

So I never got anything to do with this  project on the Monday as I had an interview for Glasgow City College (which I think went pretty well) and I then spent the day in Glasgow with my boyfriend and then we went to go see Frankie Boyle at night.

Needless to say I was pretty worn out on the Tuesday but I did manage to organise my research file and add some additional notes in my sketchbook after someone suggested I do this after the sketchbook swap. This week has pretty much been examiner prep as it was this week that we were to have a quick discussion with them about our work. This went quite well I think as she seemed to be quite interested in my work and has given me a few ideas and things to think about.

I have also been looking more into using pinboards to display my routes

When walking my dog I went looking for some of the survey messages I left behind and here’s what I found:

I also added a few new sketchbook pages this week:

I’m at the end of my little concept sketchbook and am now going to move onto an A4 one now, it’s weird because now that the examiners talk is over and the Easter holidays are coming up soon, it almost feels like the beginning of the end of this year.

Sot that’s all for this week,

see you next time,


Róisín -x


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