Investigatory Walk 4

Investigatory Walk 4

Date: 07/03/2016

Where: Stirling (River Forth)

Duration: 1 hour 30mins


The main purpose of this walk was to take advantage of the two hours I had spare at college before going home. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look around Stirling seeing as I was there already seeing as all of my walks so far have been near my home.


I walked along the public path next to the river forth and took pictures and collecting some of the objects that I could find. It was a really nice day and so I think the pictures of the water work really well.

Success of the Trip

I think this trip was quite successful and I really enjoyed it seeing as the weather was nice as well. I managed to collect a good range of objects I think and I also took a photograph of a newspaper wrapped around a branch because of wind and rain, and so this gave me the idea of how to place my marks that would be on paper. I also found a sort of junkyard at the back of the college where I could maybe get some stuff later on if need be.

Additional Notes

  • If I get the timing of the walk right the path isn’t all that busy

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