Investigatory Walk 5

Investigatory Walk 5

Date: 09/03/2016

Where: Larbert (River Carron)

Duration: 2 hours


This walk was to try and leave my ogham mark alongside the banks of the river and collect some items and get photographs.


I got my dad to drive me up to the River Carron as he would know the best and safest places for me to go and get photographs, and we also took the dog. We then walked up the bank as far as we could go and then turned back on ourselves. This was probably the most enjoyable walk so far, as there was a lot of climbing and exploring some of the rocks and trees.

Success of the Trip

I think this trip was quite successful as I got to experiment with different ways of putting down my marks, and I found some different materials and objects that I could use. I also got some good pictures of the Carron itself that I was thinking of using as prints.

Additional Notes

  • If I was to do this again at a river I didn’t know, I would need to be extra careful around rocks as it is easy to slip on places even if you know them really well.

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