First week back!

So it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

So the second half of the Easter break wasn’t really great for me because my dog got quite ill and then she had to be put to sleep. My motivation wasn’t at a high so I never got much college work done. However I think I was needing a break as I had kind of lost focus and enthusiasm for my project however a bit of breathing space from it has made it a bit fresher in my head and I’m ready to throw myself back into it.

I started the week of by organising my work and photos etc. and I’ve also planned ahead when I’m going on my walks and organising my reports, and I’m also trying to get back into posting on Instagram.

I’ve managed to stay on track for my walks so far

During the two hour break we have I walked alongside the River and swapped marks. This was a test using a remainder of the marks I had made up for my last walk as I didn’t find enough during that walk. However this one was a different story as I managed to find quite a lot.

Also branched a tiny bit further from home in my second walk of the week and went alongside the river Carron but a different way than I normally go. It was a beautiful day and a really successful walk.

I did a couple of drift walks, and I have now began my main mark swap walks.

I’ve also been continuing on with taking and editing photos of my objects for my catalogue idea.

So that’s all I’ve got right now, I hoping this week to start buying furniture and go on more walks and that way I can start putting together my exhibition. 
Róisín -x


Easter update – Organisation and Preperation

On the last week before Easter I started taking photos for catalogue thing seeing as the college has better lighting in my house. I think some of them turned out quite well as I managed to get a decent angle with my tripod. I then began editing these to make them look better so that I could put them in a catalogue format.

I’ve also been trying to focus down what I want my exhibition looks like, and trying to think of if I want it to be museum like or a bit more clinical. I’ve pretty much decided that I want it to be more clinical so that I am more inviting people into my investigation and the can interact with the files etc.
Fist thing I wanted to get done over the Easter break was to get my pdp and essay stuff done so that i was free to focus my whole attention on my project for a week. Pdp took longer than I was expecting but I managed to get it done and I’m quite happy about it and I did manage to get my essay done but it was a bit grating but I pulled through and am still alive so there’s that.
So my mind and my project have been a bit all over the place for the past few weeks. I haven’t been on as many walks as I had hoped, mostly due to the fact that I have been so busy. The main achievement of this holiday was that I think I’ve got my head back in the right place, and I am now looking forward to really putting my teeth back into this project that I feel I have almost abandoned. There only like 6 more weeks left *ferociously holds back hyperventilating* but I think if I put my head down I can do it.

So what’s left, what do I have to do in these six weeks?

1 – Walk.
Well I think I’ve got the walk idea down now. The main purpose for the walks will be to “swap” my mark for someone else’s. So essentially for the next six weeks – do more of those.

2 – Buy furniature and stuff like that for my exhibition.
I think I’ve got what I want my exhibition to look like fully in my head – sort of like a clinical laboratory for people to explore. So I need to buy all that stuff, everyone wish Róisín’s bank account the best of luck.

3 – Catalogue.
I want to have an online catalogue of all the items I have found available for people to view so I need to start making this. I do have some photos but I need to make sure they are all documented and then put online.

Well those are the main things at least, I’ll still have other things to put in here and there and God knows I’ll probably come up with some other idea that I’ll need to do so there’s that.

But that’s all I’ve got for you just now,
until next time,

Róisín -x

Inspiration of the Week – Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis is an artist who is interested in systems and data. I am looking at her work because I am looking at different ways to document and display my final work for my project.

The way the artist has arranges the pins and then join joined the thread to create waves is to me a very unique three dimensional way of displaying data.

I was thinking of ding a similar idea to this to visualise my routes or marks, however not quite as intense.

I think if I were to do something like this I would want to do it on a larger scale and have the threads spaced out a bit more and have them follow some sort of narrative.

NB – all photographs here have been taken from the artists site:

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time
Róisín -x

Inspiration of the Week – Sally Mankus

Sally Mankus is an American artist who works in many different mediums, what I’m going to look at how she deals with mark making from found objects.

I am interested in this artist’s work because I am also wanting to explore the marks we leave behind and I also wanted to look into using found objects in my work.

This artist’s work is really interesting to me as I think that she has combined these two ideas, found objects and mark making, really well.

I like the idea of combining the ideas of putting my own marks on the marks those that have left before me and I think there is a good chance that this’ll illustrate my point quite well.

NB – all photographs here have been taken from the artist’s site:

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time
Róisín -x

Inspiration of the Week – Shoes on the Danube Bank

Shoes on the Danube Bank is a memorial by Gyula Pauer and Can Togay to the Holocaust victims killed by firing squad along side the Danube Bank in Budapest.

This heart felt tribute to those who were made to strip down in front of the river is really poignant and has a great impact to those that see it.

These shoes are cast in iron and are made in different styles of the time and in different sizes to show the range of people that were selected to be shot.

These shoes represent those lives that were lost an their memory that was left behind.

Although I am not dealing with a subject matter as dark or serious as this I am still looking at different ways to represent human marks that are left behind and I think that shoes, or any other piece of clothing is a good way to represent a person as it also shows a little bit of their personality and who they were. 

NB – all photographs here have been taken from :

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time
Róisín -x

Inspiration of the Week – Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski is a French artist who normally makes installation using found objects.

I really like this artist’s work as I think the invite the viewer to think about ideas of remembrance and memory.

I also like the style of these installations as I have always like light installations as I think that they can add another dimension to the work and can give them more feeling and make them more poignant. 

In my work I am planning on dealing with topics of memory and remembrance and it’s good for me to see an installation artist that also looks into these themes. 

NB – all photographs here have been taken from this site:

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

Until next time
Róisín -x

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