First week back!

So it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

So the second half of the Easter break wasn’t really great for me because my dog got quite ill and then she had to be put to sleep. My motivation wasn’t at a high so I never got much college work done. However I think I was needing a break as I had kind of lost focus and enthusiasm for my project however a bit of breathing space from it has made it a bit fresher in my head and I’m ready to throw myself back into it.

I started the week of by organising my work and photos etc. and I’ve also planned ahead when I’m going on my walks and organising my reports, and I’m also trying to get back into posting on Instagram.

I’ve managed to stay on track for my walks so far

During the two hour break we have I walked alongside the River and swapped marks. This was a test using a remainder of the marks I had made up for my last walk as I didn’t find enough during that walk. However this one was a different story as I managed to find quite a lot.

Also branched a tiny bit further from home in my second walk of the week and went alongside the river Carron but a different way than I normally go. It was a beautiful day and a really successful walk.

I did a couple of drift walks, and I have now began my main mark swap walks.

I’ve also been continuing on with taking and editing photos of my objects for my catalogue idea.

So that’s all I’ve got right now, I hoping this week to start buying furniture and go on more walks and that way I can start putting together my exhibition. 
Róisín -x

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