Traces: Marks: Initials

02/06/2016 – 09/06/2016 

Room Installation, June 2016

This exhibition was an investigation into the marks we leave behind, the impact we have on a landscape and what impact the landscape can have on us.  For this project I conducted a series of walks in the Falkirk and Stirling area on which I collected ‘marks’ left behind by other people, replacing these marks with my own thus creating my own impact on the landscape; these traces left behind also act as a reflection of the people that currently, or have previously, resided in these areas. These marks were then catalogued and put on display as a part of an installation, which also acted as a representation of the processes involved in my practice throughout the year and reflected my own studio space.

With this project I also experimented with different documentation techniques for recorded the walks and objects. I displayed the objects which were not used as the main part of the project in a filing cabinet for viewers to look through.

The design of my own ‘mark’ comes from the ancient runistic language “Ogham” which shows my initials. I like the idea behind this design as it connected with the project as these letters were carved into stone by old Irish civilisations, and it also connects with my own Irish heritage.




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