Last steps of research

It’s the last week of research – yaaaay! I’ll most likely do bits and pieces of research throughout as I start to formulate ideas along the way.

This week I was looking specifically into my local area for statistics so I could plan out where I could go. I think I’ve decided on one area being one of the more “deprived areas”  I just need to think of what would be a more wealthy area and an area of average income etc. I’ve been able to get a lot of information from the Falkirk census site which I’ve been printing pages from for my logbook.

Here are some of the images I took from the “Case study” I looked at last week:







The reason that I’m planning on doing these is to get a general idea of what sort of things I will find in certain area – this example being woods next to estates and schools etc.

So the plan for next week is to begin getting my ideas in order and applying all the research I’ve been gathering. This is also the same week that I’ll finally be able to go into my sketchbook. A couple of things that I have planned are to go to the Smith Gallery in Stirling for some inspiration and also do another case study near my house.

Until next time-

Róisín -x



So yeah as I warned you last week – I’m still researching, not the most fun part of the process but it’s how I work and needs to be done. I like having a bulk of knowledge to fall back on and it seems even more necessary this time around than it has in the past so I’m really trying to focus and keep everything organised.

Speaking of organisation – look at my new and improved, colour coded folder! So fancyyyyy.



So what have I been looking at?

I have three artists in my folder right now, Mark Dion for his methods and practise, Grayson Perry for his TV programme and tapestries focused on the different classes in Britain and Eric Fischer who I found by accident when looking a different types of maps.

I’ve also been looking into different ways to display data, types of maps and infographics.

Also during the week I went for a walk as I am thinking of maybe doing preparation “case studies” in certain areas to try and get an idea of what kind of things I will find.

To some up I’m on track, I’m researching, and next weeks post is gonna be pretty similar, after that one though I’ll hopefully have some more stuff to show. This week I’m planning on evaluating on the stuff I’ve been reading and also getting some statistics and such to try and help me decide on where I will be focusing on.

So that’s all I have for you just now,

Until next time

Róisín – x

I’m Back!!

So yeah summer’s hard to be consistent – sorry.

Annnnnyway I’m going to blog (hopefully) every weekday – I’m planning on Mondays but I’m not promising anything.

So what have I been doing so far?

Currently I’m on week 5 in my timetable which means I should have finished the basic research into my concept and starting to gather some visual research. Which I’ve sorta done – I would have liked to have gotten some evaluation in but, well, there was a lot of stuff I had to print off and apparently that takes up a lot more time than I was anticipating. I’m still on track though because I do have a bunch of stuff that I can get my teeth into.

So this is the boring research stage with not much to report on or pictures to post cause I’m not really able to go into my sketchbook just yet and need to stick to research and get a good idea on my topic.

And it’s at this point in the post I realise I haven’t actually mentioned what I want to do – great start me.

What’s my topic?

After really enjoying what I did in my degree show I wanted to continue on with using found objects in my artwork except this time develop the idea of how these objects reflect the people that left them and offer a bigger reflection on the area as a whole. I think I’m going to focus on how they can reflect the areas class as this would give me a good starting point for my dissertation.

So yeah that’s all I can really say right now (next weeks post may have a similar theme to tell ya the truth)

until next time 🙂

Róisín -x

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