Inspiration of the Week – Seunghwui Koo

Seunghwui Koo is a Korean artist, in her statement on his website she speaks about how her family had a butchers shop and how a pig’s head was a regular sight for her.

In his pig series she uses the symbols of the pigs heads to represent her experiences from living in New York City. The heads themselves draw connotations of greed and gluttony.

The series that I am looking at is her pig series titled “Narcissism” as I am interested in this idea for my upcoming project.

I like the artists use of colour in this series as I think they make the piece very striking and represent the loud, bustling city life that exists in New York. These bright colours also remind me of the large billboards and advertising banners that I’ve seen in parts of movies set in large cities in America.

For my next project I might use some sort of symbolism like this artist has used to represent parts of the human ego and also this idea of narcissism.

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The Research File Begins

So this week I’ve really got my head down ad have began researching stuff, and printing stuff an highlighting stuff. Exciting I know.

The next couple of posts are gonna have a similar story as I am going to get all necessary research done in the first month I have for this project so that I have a good foundation to base the rest of Studio Practice 2 on.

So the bulk of my research has been about the ideas about legacy and how and why we want to be remembered. I have also been looking at the idea of narcissism and the human ego.

Here’s the stoof I’ve put in my sketchbook this past week 🙂

So just another short update this week,


Róisín -x

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