Last steps of research

It’s the last week of research – yaaaay! I’ll most likely do bits and pieces of research throughout as I start to formulate ideas along the way.

This week I was looking specifically into my local area for statistics so I could plan out where I could go. I think I’ve decided on one area being one of the more “deprived areas”  I just need to think of what would be a more wealthy area and an area of average income etc. I’ve been able to get a lot of information from the Falkirk census site which I’ve been printing pages from for my logbook.

Here are some of the images I took from the “Case study” I looked at last week:







The reason that I’m planning on doing these is to get a general idea of what sort of things I will find in certain area – this example being woods next to estates and schools etc.

So the plan for next week is to begin getting my ideas in order and applying all the research I’ve been gathering. This is also the same week that I’ll finally be able to go into my sketchbook. A couple of things that I have planned are to go to the Smith Gallery in Stirling for some inspiration and also do another case study near my house.

Until next time-

Róisín -x

More research!!

So this is currently the last week I have planned for research I think I might need to continue on with some research but not quite as intense as I am eager to actually start developing some of my ideas.

Any way my artist research is well on the way to being done, I just need to finish off my annotation which will be done with over and done with soon hopefully as I know exactly what I’m going to say as I’ve already typed out my artists on here.

So here’s what the pages that I’ve done this week for this:

As well as artist research I started reading and highlighting and writing notes in my research file and some of the stuff I’ve looked at is really interesting and I am keen to develop some stuff to do with Ogham as I think that this is quite relevant to my project.

By looking at my notes on social media, I had an idea of taking photos of my face and changing the brightness as my research said that brighter photos get more likes.

Here’s a couple other sketchbook pages that I’ve done:

The plan for the rest of this week is to:

  • Finish off writing notes in my research file
  • Finish of my artist annotation
  • Go on at least one investigatory walk that I’ve wrote about in my sketchbook
  • Perhaps find more research topics to add to my file
  • Do image transfers based on Social media notes

So hopefully I’ll be able to show you those next week 😉

That’s all I’ve got for you right now

See you next time


Róisín -x

The Research File Begins

So this week I’ve really got my head down ad have began researching stuff, and printing stuff an highlighting stuff. Exciting I know.

The next couple of posts are gonna have a similar story as I am going to get all necessary research done in the first month I have for this project so that I have a good foundation to base the rest of Studio Practice 2 on.

So the bulk of my research has been about the ideas about legacy and how and why we want to be remembered. I have also been looking at the idea of narcissism and the human ego.

Here’s the stoof I’ve put in my sketchbook this past week 🙂

So just another short update this week,


Róisín -x

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